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The Pastificio Gentile offers very high quality products following the rules that made the Pasta di Gragnano so famous, adding elements that make its pasta unique : the Senatore Cappelli kind of wheat and the natural drying method called Cirillo




A unique wheat

The Pastificio Gentile officialised In June 2012 an important cooperation that consolidates not only the use of a 100% Italian wheat, as always done, but the use of the famous Senatore Cappelliwheat kind for the production.

The selected supplier is Azienda Scaraia that achieved and important recognition from the Fondazione Bolognini in 2007: the exclusivity to select and produce all over the Italian country (Sardinia excluded) the Senatore Cappelli durum wheat kind seeds. This unique wheat is cultivated on the Irsinia fields, a fascinating area close to Matera.

The ear of Senatore Cappelli wheat can reach 180 cm and have a full and hard tuft. This kind of wheat was so difficult to be cultivated in the past, since being so high it was easy that wind and rain could partially destroy the production, that was replaced with easier varieties. It was the most used wheat in the South of Italy and islands until the end of the Second World War and its name comes from the Senatore Raffaele Cappelli who promoted the Riforma Agraria on early 1900. The choice made by the Pastificio Gentile is so important: the fragrance, the taste and the tenacity of Pasta Gentile are unmistakable now.


To preserve in the best way the wealth of the Senatore Cappelli, the Zampino family cooperates with the Mulino dei Fratelli Ferro in Campobasso, one of the most long-lived Italian mills. A firm that became modern to meet the market needs but keeping the drive lines to reach the best quality possible.

Natale Zampino is the beating heart of the pasta factory; the experience he built in many years of work allows him to recognize the right point of drying after systematic and accurate controls in the moist cells, perfectly designed to carry out the drying process according to the “Metodo Cirillo” . No machine can ever replace the touch of the Pastaio in the different  production phases, mainly in the control following the drying: it is important to “know how to look at” the macaroni, you need skill and intuition to “feel” the dough with your teeth, to perceive the vitreous resistance.

At the basis of the work on the firm Natale has always paid respect to his employees, attention to raw materials, and passion: these are all values ​​he handed over his two sons, Pasquale, production manager who assists him in the pastificio and Alberto, responsible for sales and business relationships.

Since a few years even mamma Maria helps “her men” in the company, with a tailormade role to relive the tradition of her childhood, the flavors and aromas that she felt when she used to live with her mother Lucia while preparing the preserves. Now she is the one that conveys the same care through the line of products named as her place of birth: San Nicola dei Miri.

2012 was an important year for the whole family. In addition to the pasta and preserves, two new lines were created completing the range of products of excellence, enabling all customers who love the products of this family to have authentic flavors in their pantries. The first one is “Antico Frantoio dei Grani Rossi” with the production of two ancient monocultivar of Campania: the Ravece and Ortice, giving  names to the two Extravirgin olive oils. The second one is “Antica Pasticceria San Leone” with the production of leavened products using natural methods and cooked in a wood oven.

A family that passionately loves his land and whishes to pass on these feelings to the people who try and regularly consumes his products. 

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